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Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw Machine Hydraulic Working Clamp Style

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Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw Machine Hydraulic Working Clamp Style

Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw Machine Hydraulic Working Clamp Style
Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw Machine Hydraulic Working Clamp Style Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw Machine Hydraulic Working Clamp Style

Large Image :  Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw Machine Hydraulic Working Clamp Style

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HEIYAN
Certification: CE/ISO
Model Number: GZ4230

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Metal Cutting Horizontal Electric Control Band Saw Machine ON PALLET OR WOODEN CASE
Delivery Time: 7-15days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50sets per month
Detailed Product Description
Saw Belt Tighten Style: 3620*27*0.9 Working Clamp Style: Hydraulic
Cooling Generator Power (kw): 0.04 Hydraulic Generator Power(kw): 0.75
Main Generator Power(kw): 3 Belt Line Speed(m/min): 40/60/80
High Light:

metal cutting band saw


metal bandsaw machine

Metal Cutting Horizontal Electric Control Band Saw Machine



Safety operation rules for general lathe
1, Safety requirements before operation
1. Before entering the post, it is required to wear work clothes, fasten the buttons and cuffs, do not open the work clothes, do not wear gloves, do not wear or take off clothes beside the starting machine tool, and do not work with scarf or apron to prevent the machine from being twisted. Sandals, slippers and high-heeled shoes are not allowed to be worn. When turning brittle splashing materials, protective glasses shall be worn to prevent eye injury caused by splashing iron filings. A kind of
2. The operator must be familiar with the operation principle, structural performance and operation procedure of the machine tool. The operator must be specially assigned for the machine tool. The operator who does not understand and is not familiar with the operation procedure is not allowed to operate. A kind of
3. Before starting the lathe, check that the handles are in normal position, all rotating parts and unfinished workpieces are firmly clamped according to the requirements of safe operation specified by the machine tool. Carefully check that all parts and protective devices of the machine tool are in good condition, safe and reliable. Oil and lubricate all parts according to the equipment lubrication table. The minimum speed at normal temperature is no-load operation for 2-3min, Check the internal lubrication and normal operation of the machine tool, and then gradually accelerate to twice the low speed operation for 2-3min. In winter, the air preheating time shall be twice the normal temperature time, until the lubricating oil temperature in the headbox reaches about 20 ℃. Preparation before work
1. Before the machine tool starts to work, preheating shall be in place to ensure the normal operation of the lubricating system (sufficient lubricating oil and coolant). If the machine tool is not started for a long time, the lubricating oil shall be supplied to each part manually
2. When the taper handle is installed in the taper hole of the main shaft and tailstock, the inner and outer cones shall be wiped dry Clean, prevent iron scraps and dust from squeezing into the damaged cone, and affect the accuracy; the cutter used shall be consistent with the specification allowed by the machine tool, and the severely damaged cutter shall be replaced in time. 3. Repair all boxes of the machine tool, and do not forget the tools used to adjust the tools inside the machine tool. A kind of
4. The center hole of large shaft parts must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the designer. If the center hole cannot be used for large column barrel parts, the center top support of special towing plate must be made. If the center hole is too small, it is easy to be dangerous in work. A kind of
5. The workpiece clamped by chuck must be correct and reliable. When processing parts with large eccentricity, counterweight must be used and installed firmly and reliably. A kind of
6. When loading and unloading the chuck and heavy workpieces, the guide rail shall be padded with wood or rubber, and special personnel shall be assigned to assist the lifting and handling. It is strictly prohibited to operate by single person. After using the chuck wrench, socket, measuring tool, etc., they shall be taken and placed at the safe place such as the headbox cover. III. safety regulations during work
1. During the operation of the machine tool, it is strictly prohibited to wear gloves; it is strictly prohibited to touch the rotating part of the machine tool by hand, and it is strictly prohibited to transfer objects through the lathe during the operation of the lathe. Loading and unloading of workpieces, installation of cutting tools, oiling and cleaning of chips, must be stopped, power failure. It is forbidden to use the brush or hook to clean the iron scraps by hand, or use the clutch to stop for appeal operation. A kind of
2. When the machine tool is running, it is not allowed to measure the workpiece and directly stop the rotating chuck by hand; when using the abrasive cloth, it should be placed on the file or special board. It is not allowed to wear gloves and use the abrasive cloth. The worn abrasive cloth is not allowed to be used. It is not allowed to use the forward and reverse car electric brake. It must pass through the middle brake. When it is necessary to measure the dimension in rotation due to work requirements,

After the power is cut off, the chuck can be moved by hand to measure (dial indicator, planner, infrared, etc.). A kind of
3. According to the technical requirements of the machine tool, the cutting parameters of the workpiece are selected to cause accidents due to the overload of the machine tool. A kind of
4. During the cutting process, the tool should be completely withdrawn when the machine is stopped. The center frame must be used to cut the long axis to prevent the bending and deformation of the workpiece from hurting people; the length of the bar stretched into the head of the bed shall not exceed the length of the main axis of the head of the bed, and it shall be processed slowly, and the protection shall be paid attention to when extending. When using the center frame, the fixed position shall be reasonable, and it must be clamped under the condition of strict concentricity. It is forbidden to rigidly rotate the three claws of the center frame to clamp the workpiece after correction. A kind of
5. During high-speed cutting, there should be a protective cover, and the fixing of workpieces and tools should be firm. When the spatter of iron scraps is serious, a baffle should be installed around the machine tool to isolate it from the operation area. A kind of
6. When the machine tool is running, the operator shall not leave the machine tool. If the machine tool is found to have abnormal noise, temperature rise, vibration and odor, the operator shall stop the machine immediately and report to the team leader on duty to arrange the maintenance personnel for inspection and repair. When the power is cut off suddenly, the tool shall be quickly withdrawn from the working position and the machine tool shall be shut down at the same time. A kind of
7. When working, you must stand on your side in the operation position, and do not face the rotating workpiece. A kind of
8. During the working process of the machine tool, the distance between the tool and the chuck and the tailstock center shall not be less than 20 mm; when turning the thread, the distance between the workpiece clamping fixture and the thread withdrawing part shall be more than 20 mm, and it is strictly prohibited for the tool to collide with the rotating part.


Type GZ 4230
Cut capacity W*H (mm) round 300
square 300*300
Bundle cutting W*H (mm) Max.200*90
Saw belt size(mm) 3620*27*0.9
belt line speed(m/min) 40/60/80
Main generator power(kw) 3
Hydraulic generator power(kw) 0.75
Cooling generator power (kw) 0.04
Working clamp style Hydraulic
Saw belt tighten style Hand
Main transmit structure Turbine
Loading style Extra roller
Packing dimensions(mm) L*M*H 1750*2200*1450
Weights of machine (kgs) 1600kgs

Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw Machine Hydraulic Working Clamp Style 0 

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