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100 - 10000KW Output Programmable Power Source Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine

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100 - 10000KW Output Programmable Power Source Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine

100 - 10000KW Output Programmable Power Source Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine
100 - 10000KW Output Programmable Power Source Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine 100 - 10000KW Output Programmable Power Source Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine

Large Image :  100 - 10000KW Output Programmable Power Source Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Cangzhou,Hebei,China
Brand Name: Heiyan
Certification: ISO,CE,SGS,BV
Model Number: KGPS-200KW-1000KW

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Competitive and Negotiable
Packaging Details: Medium Frequency Power Source Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine Packed in wooden cases
Delivery Time: 10-30 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 30 Sets per Month
Detailed Product Description
Warranty: 24 Months Application: Manufacturing Plant, Heating, Forging, Energy,Melting, Hardening And Etc
Work Condition: Continuously For 24 Hours System: KGPS Control
Type: Distribution Box , Electrical Boxes Working Voltage3: Phase , 380V±5%, 50/60HZ
Output Power: 100-10000kw Duty Cycle: 100% Full Load,24hours Of Continuous Work
High Light:

power supply unit


heater power supply

Medium Frequency Power SourceSupply Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine



Features of the Medium Frequency Power Source Supply Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine:


• Easy operation:

A full time operator specially for power supply is not needed .There is only one switch for turning on or off and one power adjustment knob. After started, the only thing that needs to be done is rotating the power adjustment knob to the largest location, others are controlled by the device itself.

• Safety protection functions of induction melting furnace:

1. The main circuit and short circuit protection

2. SCR overvoltage protection

3. Main circuit phase fault protection

4. The main circuit phase loss protection

5. Low water pressure protection

6. SCR overcurrent protection


Production Description of our Medium Frequency Power Source Supply Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine:

KGPS Intermediate Frequency Power Supply for induction heater

1. Full NC Structure: It features in high control precision and high reliability

2. Voltage & Current Dual-close-loop control system. It can assure the system operated stably and reliably

3. Perfect Protection System: It features in all kind of protection system, such as over voltage, over current,phase loss, water under-pressure, water over-temperature and etc, which can assure elements and components not being damaged in case of errors.

4. Running Characteristics in High Power Factor: It can maximize efficiency and power factor of the set of the equipment.

5. Perfect External Control Interface: Closed control can be fulfilled conveniently for external temperature and etc.

6. Power Supply Starting Performance being 100% (in reliability)


Model Power Input Power Output Usage
Inlet line Voltage (V) Inlet Currency Frequency Power Rate
3 phases or 6 phases (A) (KW)
KGPS-100 380 160 1--8 100 Surface hardening, heating, melting.
KGPS-120 380 200 1--8 120 Surface hardening, heating, melting.
KGPS-160 380 260 1--8 160 Surface hardening, heating, melting
KGPS-200 380 320 1--8 200 Surface hardening, heating, melting
KGPS-250 380 400 1--8 250 Surface hardening, heating, melting
KGPS-300 380 480 1--8 300 Surface hardening, heating, melting
KGPS-400 380 640 1--4 400 Surface hardening, heating, melting
KGPS-500 380 800 0.5--2.5 500 Surface hardening, heating, melting
KGPS-750 380 1200 0.5--2.5 750 Surface hardening, heating, melting
KGPS-800 380/660 1300/730 0.5--1 800 heating, melting
KGPS-1000 660 920 0.5--1 1000 heating, melting
KGPS-1200 660 1100 0.5--1 1200 heating, melting
KGPS-1500 660/750 1400/600 0.5--1 1500 heating, melting
KGPS-2000 660/750 1800/800 0.2--0.5 2000 heating, melting
KGPS-2500 660/750 2300/1000 0.2--0.3 2500 heating, melting
KGPS-3000 660/750 2700/1200 0.2--0.3 3000 heating, melting
KGPS-4000 750/950 1600/1280 0.2--0.3 4000 melting
KGPS-5000 750/950 2000/1600 0.15--0.2 5000 melting
KGPS-8000 950 2500 0.15--0.2 8000 melting
KGPS-10000 950 3000 0.15--0.2 10000 melting


APPLICATIONS of our Medium Frequency Power Source Supply Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine:


A. Heating (hot forging, hot fitting and smelting):

B. Heat Treatment (surface quench):

It is mainly aims to change the rigidity of the metal materials through the heat treatment to work pieces. Detail applications are stated as follows:

C. Welding (braze welding, silver soldering and brazing)

It mainly aims to melt the solder by heating it to a certain temperature for the purpose of connecting two types of metals of the same material and different

D. Annealing (tempering and modulation)



Main control circuit board as the main part of the machine, we made in their research and development, and adopted by the company and built since the automatic welding and testing equipment to ensure that each set of machine can achieve the best effect, and we have main control board in stock lone time, can satisfy the parts supply problems.


Induction coils

The induction coil inside the furnace body is treated with two insulations. The first spray of high temperature insulation paint. The second round of glass fiber tape. The service life of the treated furnace lining and induction coil will increase by more than two times.


Features of the Medium Frequency Power Source Supply Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine:


1. Comprehensive protection function

Control system protection measures include:

High grid voltage, low grid voltage, high DC voltage, high thyristor current, high capacitor voltage, high furnace voltage, high operating frequency, high cooling water temperature, low cooling water pressure, low cooling water flow, and electric furnace leakage


2. The control system :Digital inverter control

IF power adopts advanced all-digital control system based on high-performance microcontrollers.

The digital inverter controller is integrated inside the CPU. Using power, voltage, current three closed-loop control algorithm. During normal operation, the voltage, current and power are sent to the CPU through their respective converters. The control software detects these parameters and adjusts the operating frequency to ensure that the output power is always equal to the rated power.

When the empty furnace power transmission (too much impedance) or the frozen furnace power transmission (impedance is too small), control software can automatically call the limiting voltage or current limiting algorithm, limiting the output voltage or current does not exceed the allowable.

The control software has a variety of parameter limiting functions, including: maximum power limit, thyristor current output limit, furnace voltage limit, capacitor voltage limit, maximum and minimum operating frequency limits

The parameters of the control algorithm can be set by the keyboard and they are stored in the EEPROM of the control board. The parameters are easily changed so that half-bridge series inverters are suitable for melting different metals, such as cast iron, copper, aluminum, etc.

The thyristor is a controlled shutdown device. The start-up of the inverter is completely controlled by the trigger pulse, so the inverter can start 100% under any conditions.


Advantages of Our Heiyan Medium Frequency Power Source Supply Of Hot Induction Elbow Machine:


1. Energy saving:

The power factor reaches 0.99 under the condition of full power output. The integrated circuit board is adopted and the current and voltage are adjusted internally. The core components are high performance, high density and large-scale ASIC integrated circuit produced in the United States, which are digitized. The rectifier trigger part does not need any adjustment, and has the advantages of high fraud reliability, high pulse symmetry, strong anti-interference ability and fast response speed.

2. Big reactor design:

Strong filtering ability, greatly reduce harmonic pollution to the grid, suppress the current mutation, protect the transformer.

3. Large section area of current carrying discharge:

Select 8×60 copper row, large cross-sectional area, strong current carrying capacity, reduce heat.

4. Cabinet uses RITTAL brand:

Durable and beautiful

5. Appliances: SCHNEIDER brand

6. Button: IDEC brand

7. Insulating plate:Durable and high insulation grade, beautiful

8. Water segregator: Stainless steel

9. Cooling water pipe: Specially customized, high temperature and high pressure

10. Inverter increase resistance and capacity absorption: it can effectively suppress the instantaneous oscillation and high-frequency current of operating overvoltage, so that the waveform of overvoltage becomes slow, the steepness and amplitude are reduced, plus the damping effect of resistance, so that the high frequency oscillation rapidly attenuates.



Please do not touch any exposeed electric components and induction coils when it is starting work .Please close system if repair or moving . Refuse electrocute!



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Medium Frequency Power Source Supply Of Hot Induction Elbow Machinet

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